So after taking the steering column apart and finding that the ignition switch has been bypassed and the key doesn’t actually do anything its time to get under the dash and figure out which of the toggles and buttons actually make it work.
Tomorrow is parts run day a 150 miles round trip but it should net me the seat frames,gas tank,throttle linkage and a windshield gasket.
The windshield is also coming out tomorrow and a new one is going to be custom cut to replace it.

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  1. What a mess..well, we will see what it looks like later. Is that rust on the floor boards? If so, how much body work will you be having to do? Good luck on the project and have fun on the parts run.

  2. Jim,

    Can’t reach you and will be out of contact area in about 15 min. GOOD LUCK!! I hope you get this..if they tell you to evacuate..GO! Stay prayers are with you!

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